This vending machine serves a hot, fresh pizza in less than two and a half minutes!

The LCD screen allows customers to select their flavor of pizza, cheese or peperoni. While the pizza cooks in less than 2 and a half minutes, the screen supports for content-managed digital advertising which enables ad-based revenue streams.

The POS system accepts cash and credit cards for an easy payment method.

The unique design of this machine allows for easy access for maintenance and repairs. The Pizza Touch vending machine is manufactured in the United States and offers a 1- year warranty. The warranty covers all the maintenance and parts per the terms within the agreement. Our Texas office serves as our manufacturing facility, training facility, and technical support office. This location was strategically chosen to facilitate and speed up logistics for our clients in need of maintenance.

The machine has been constructed to deter theft and vandalism. This machine was designed specifically with health and safety in mind.

Technical Specifications

Width: 53 in
Depth: 30 in
Height: 80 in

750 pounds (estimated empty)



Pizza Box: 10 x 10 x 1 1/2 inches
Pizza Diameter: 9 1/2 inches

Power: 1900 BTU/h
Capacity: 35 cheese pizzas, 35 pepperoni pizzas. Total: 70 pizzas



Power: 2x 1500W

Voltage: 110 Voltz
Amperage: 17Amps
Potency: 3500 Watt


NSF/ANSI 25 – Vending Machines For Food and Beverages PENDING

NSF/ANSI 7 – Commercial Refrigerators and Storage Freezers PENDING

NSF/ANSI 4 – Commercial Cooking, Rethermalization and Powered Hot Food Holding and Transport Equipment PENDING

UL 541 Refrigerated Vending Machines PENDING

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers PENDING

Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances PENDING

Technology Interface  

Our Innovative technology utilizes a simple way to remotely monitor and track inventory and machine usage.

Complete controlled delivery system that can give back end reports and be monitored from anywhere.

Our smart technology allows the owner/operator to connect to single or multiple machines worldwide.

Through our management system our clients can follow and monitoring the sales, billing, stock and the machine status.