More than 100 million Americans
use vending machines every day

The vending machine business is nearly a $30 billion industry per year. With the right location, Pizza Touch vending machine has the capabilities to bring in a substantial profit. Nowadays, people are always on the move. Food can sometimes be an afterthought and we only eat for sustenance while on the go. Vending machines are usually an easy snack or drink. Placing this hot, fresh pizza vending machine in various locations allows consumers to get more than just a bag of chips.

Note, that a significant amount of sales on vending machines are made from impulse buys. You need a good marketing strategy to make it work. The location is the most important aspect of ensuring your business is sustainable and profitable. The location needs to be in an area with high foot traffic and places that have waiting areas where people tend to hang out for long periods of time. It’s also important for the vending machine to be placed in an area where the maximum amount of people will see it to generate higher sales.







More than 60% of laundromat patrons are women, and 2/3 bring their children with them.

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Outside gas stations & convenience stores

There are 36,000 red box locations in the US.

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Private colleges/universities

Most colleges don’t have 24-hour food restaurants on campus.

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Strip Malls & Business centers

People are always on the go, needing fast food to continue on with their work and errands.

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Hotels and Motels

People who travel seldom bring enough food with them.

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Auto Repair Shops & Departments

Customers usually wait for long periods of time in waiting areas while their car is being fixed.

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Offices need vending machines for a fast lunch.

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Apartment Complex

An easy customer base that doesn’t want to pay the delivery fees and wait extended times for food.

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Train & Bus Stations

The people commuting on these transportation modes are within our demographic.

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Vending Machine Distributors/Suppliers

Vending machine distributors/ suppliers already have established relationships and contracts with many companies.

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