Welcome Pizza Touch, the best pizza vending machine in USA!

Pizza Touch is a Rocket Group (Grupo Rocket) company. We are a holding company that has been operating technology and food businesses for 14 years.

We are present on all continents, in countries such as the USA, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Mozambique and Australia.

Pizza Touch is one of our group’s main projects, we are proud to be pioneers of this business model in the United States.

Pizza Touch is a chain in the food industry that provides automatic pizza distribution machines. The machine takes an average of 2 minutes to prepare a hot pizza served on a tray. The buyer need only select one of three different flavors and then pay using the screen on the machine.

Pizza Touch is part of Rocket Holding Group, which has over 15 years of experience in the franchise industry, brand internationalization and digital expansion. More than 400 stores worlwide have become success stories.

Our machine boasts high technology and a system that allows you to remotely track everything that happens on the machine in real time. Our ovens bake the pizza like a professional, without losing out to a pizza prepared in a pizzeria…

The business has a planned operational structure that comprises several machines located in service centers, providing enhanched capillarity and ease of expansion.


Logistics to refill the machine with pizzas

Cash logistics

Local specialized technical assistance

On-site distribution and storage

Local stock of spare parts

Local and national assistance in the search for new or realocation points of sale